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[28 Aug 2011|07:48pm]
OMG I haven't updated this thing all summer!
Sing out, Louise!

[26 Jun 2011|04:14pm]
Life has been pretty good for the most part. I’ve been keeping busy. Saw a bunch of movies in the past month… Hangover 2, Bridesmaids, the new Xmen, Beginners, and Midnight in Paris. I’ve been trying to make it a tradition of going to the movies every Tuesday either to the Clearview theatre for free or to the City Center for $6, trying to take advantage of those deals. Also go on the weekends too.

Going out to dinner a lot, that’s always fun. Mike, Justin, Jen and I have been talking about going to Stir Crazy in the Palisades mall for forever now and we haven’t gone yet. We were supposed to go on a Thursday a couple weeks ago, but as I was leaving work it decided to thunderstorm like crazy. And there was too much traffic at 287 at that time. So we went to Applebee’s instead.

I’ve been to the Palisades mall twice in the past month for other things though. They’re getting an Ihop which is exciting. The one in White Plains is too damn crowded all the time, but this one should be alright. I tried the new restaurant Tony Namos (?), which was pretty good. And I went to the bowling alley there, never been there before. I have to talk about that…

This past Wednesday Mat and I decided to go bowling. I had to work ‘til 6 so we said we’d meet up at White Plains Bowl around 7. The fucking place had no lanes available. They said not until 9 o’clock. So we tried to figure out what else to do, perhaps go to a restaurant for dinner and then come back or do something else. I suggested we go to the bowling alley in the Palisades. Originally I didn’t want to go there because there’d be traffic, but at this point it was almost 7:30 so I knew it wouldn’t be bad.

I drove us to the Palisades and we went to Lucky Strikes. This place is AWESOME. It makes bowling look cool. It looks like a cool lounge. There’s a bar and tables to sit and eat and of course music playing. There are also pool tables and a couple other arcade games. We bowled a quick game. I haven’t been bowling since I was a kid and the Wii Bowling does not count, haha. I did pretty well though (probably just really lucky) and won. =)

We bowled just one game and went to eat. We decided to just eat there in the restaurant area since the place felt so damn nice. We just didn’t want to leave. For dinner I got a cheeseburger slider and fries and we shared these little tomato/mozzarella/basil sandwiches. They had a ton of things on the menu that looked so good, especially the appetizers and sides you could split. Our waitress was terrible so dinner took over an hour.

At a certain point, something about the music changed. It sounded like someone was doing karaoke, but there wasn’t. We were like looking around to see if there was a DJ setting up somewhere. Then I looked at the flyer on the table… Wednesdays were karaoke nights! How friggin’ perfect? lol. It said karaoke started at 9pm and we checked the time… 8:50. We were so excited.

It took a little bit before someone actually sang. But once it got going, it was so much fun to listen to. We couldn’t really see that well from our table unless we leaned over a bit. We couldn’t wait to finish/pay our check so we could move to closer table. Our waitress took FOREVER. Mat had to go up and ask someone else (who turned out to be the manager) for our check. But thankfully we finished and were able to move to a booth right near the DJ.

There was this woman Donna who was up there all night. Like literally every other song. Sometimes she would sing a duet with someone, but even if there was someone else all you could hear was Donna. I said it wasn’t karaoke, it was more like Donna in concert or Donna’s cabaret, lmao. But a couple other people went up too. There was this one young crazy (probably drunk, or at least acting drunk) dude who sang the funniest, best rendition of “Genie in a Bottle” I’ve ever heard. He was basically like screaming it and seducing the DJ by rubbing his head and doing some sexy moves. It was HILARIOUS.

Mat sang “Uptown Girl” and was SO good. He kept encouraging me to go up there and do a song or do a duet with him. And I actually did. He put our names in for “Don’t Stop Believing.” Soon it our turn. Mat asked the DJ if it had both a girl and boy part to it and the DJ was like, “Oh, you want the Glee version!” haha. So we did the Glee version of it. We were awesome! I’m surprised that he got me to go up there. Neither one of us has gone karaoke-ing before. Everyone in my family knows that I love to sing, and I’ll do it at someone’s house or something like that, but never in a bar full of strangers. But I did it. I was even more shocked that I lost my stage fright once I got up there. The only thing that sucks is that the music is so loud, you can’t hear yourself at all. But the audience can hear you so I guess it’s alright. Hopefully Donna loved us. She was dancing in her seat so I guess that’s a good sign. =P We wanna go back so bad, we’re already talking about what other songs we’d do together.
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By the Way, Meet Vera Stark - Saturday May 28, 2011 [13 Jun 2011|10:09pm]
Last Saturday I saw By the Way, Meet Vera Stark off broadway at Second Stage (haven’t been there since I saw Next to Normal for the first time :tear tear:). As I was picking up my ticket, 3 guys bought student rush tickets (I think they’re $18). I didn’t want to risk rushing this show so I bought my youth advance seat. Had I had known... oh well, $34 isn’t that bad. I feel lucky to be able to buy such cheap tickets in advance. The last four things I’ve seen were all cheap and all bought in advance:
Vera Stark - $34 (Second’s Stage’s youth advance, including fees)
Good People - $30 (MTC’s 30 Under 30 program)
Anything Goes - $22 (Roundabout’s hiptix)
The People in the Picture - $10 (Roundabout’s $10 for first previews)

I feel really fortunate that these companies over programs like this.

Anyway... THIS…

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[06 Jun 2011|10:31pm]
Memorial Day weekend was amazing. I had Saturday off, which gave me the full 3-day weekend, my first 3-day weekend of the year. Saturday during the day I went to the city to see By the Way, Meet Vera Stark. Loved it. I picked up Cosi’s on the way home for me and Jen to have for dinner. We watched Paper Man<3 while we were eating. LOVE that movie, and I loved watching Jen’s reactions to it. She pretty much reacted the same exact way as I did when I watched it for the first time. I had been dying to show her that movie.

Sunday Gary had a barbeque at his house at 4. Tons of good food – burgers and hot dogs of course, chicken, sausage and peppers, different salads, appetizers and desserts. We put candles in one of the cakes and sang Happy Birthday to Fairuza Balk. No one really knew who we were singing to, but the fact that we got a whole room full of confused people to sing happy birthday was hilarious.

We also did our usual water balloon toss. The first of the summer!

Inside we played some Dance Revolution 2 and watched a bit of Return to Oz and Zombieland. Most of us stayed pretty late to play Scattegories. I love that game. I forget how fun it is. All in all it was an amazing night.

Monday I just lounged around the house. I sat outside for about 2 hours (not in a row) reading, but it was way too hot. Hotter than Saturday and Sunday I think. I showered and cleaned my room a little bit. My dad made steaks for dinner. And then me and Jen went over to Mike’s house to watch Trick or Treat. We saw it on his Netflix instant before under the horror section the other day and I said we had to watch it. So we did. Jen and Mike weren’t that crazy about it, but I enjoyed it again. It was only my second time watching it total, the first time being last Halloween. Kinda early now for a Halloween movie, but that’s alright, lol.

Work was INSANE last week. So stressful. I was in such a miserable mood, everyone noticed. But I was just so depressed and stressed out. I need a new job.

This past weekend was pretty good. I had to work Saturday. Didn’t really do anything during the day. Had tacos for dinner. Jen brought me home fried oreos from the festa – YUM! And we stayed up late watching Weeds.

The next morning we had the Walk for Autism. I didn’t feel good (probably from eating the oreos so late the night before) and Jen couldn’t wake up. But at the last minute, we both got dressed and Donna and Jason picked us up. We met up with Dawn and everyone else there, just in time to begin the walk. It’s only two miles so not bad. And the weather was perfect.

After I got home from the walk I had a small lunch then took a longgg nap. When we got up (Jen was taking a long nap too), my dad brought us some wedges from the festa for dinner. We watched a couple episodes of Weeds and an episode of My So-Called Life. Good times.
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[15 May 2011|10:53pm]
When’s the last time I made a REAL update?

These past couple of weeks have been interesting. Work has been insane. On a Friday a couple of weeks ago, it was one person’s last day. He transferred/was promoted to our Stamford branch. I’m gonna miss him a lot. Besides me, he does the most work so me and him were a great team. And on that same day, someone was fired. We all knew it was coming, she had done many things wrong that warranted being written up and being fired, but it’s still sad to see anyone be let go. So that day was crazy. Since then, because we’re short two tellers now, things have been very hectic. I’m busier than I ever was. Our schedule is different now, so that means I have to work more late nights per month. A teller from another branch came to help us out for these last two weeks and she was awesome! She was definitely a big help. I hope she can come back soon.

So now we have two open positions. One guy applied and they offered him a job. He starts tomorrow. I hope he’s good.

On Mother’s Day I took my mom to see a local community production of The Wedding Singer. It had mostly teens in it. And yeah… it was bad. I knew it would be but for some reason I really, really wanted to see it live on stage. The only decent cast members were the people who played: Holly, Sammy, the Grandma and Linda. Robbie was okay too. I’m not going to say anything bad about the cast members who weren’t good. I do enjoy some of the songs though.

I also saw a high school production of Beauty and the Beast. They did Beauty at my old high school two years ago and even though I LOVE the show itself, some things (aka some cast members) were pretty bad. However, this production was… dare I say… AMAZING. I was really, really impressed. I kept asking myself how this was a HIGH SCHOOL production. All the kids could actually sing AND act. Belle’s voice was very nice and mature sounding for her age. Same with the beast. Probably the cast member who stood out the most to me was the guy who played Gaston (probably because I was very attracted to him and I don’t know why). The sets were incredible. They created everything themselves and pulled them on ropes (I could only see a rope once, that’s how I know that), but otherwise it looked like actual sets moving by themselves in actual tracks on the stage. They also had many lighting effects and fog, etc. They even the things used when people fly (not that anyone flies in Beauty but they did use it for other things, it was awesome). The blocking and choreography was really well done. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this production! It was truly amazing. To be honest, it’s better than some of the things I’ve seen on Broadway this year, haha.

The only thing that sucked about the experience: we were in that school for 4 hours. I left my house around 6:45 to pick up Jo and I didn’t get home ‘til after 11. The doors were supposed to open at 7 and the show to begin at 7:30. Well… the doors didn’t open til around 7:15, perhaps later. It was so disorganized getting everyone seated. The show didn’t start ‘til about 8. The 15-minute intermission was a half hour long. And then they had speeches/raffles/stuff at the end (but we snuck out). Way too chaotic and long. Also, I usually get very emotional towards the end, but the high school girls sitting in front of us ruined it for me. The girl directly in front of me was talking throughout the entire act. I couldn’t hear her because the show was so loud, but just from her waving her arms and leaning from side to side to whisper in her friends’ ears was VERY annoying. Shut up and stay the fuck still! LOL. Also, the auditorium was very hot and stuffy (and I’m NEVER hot, lol).

Aside from those couple of complaints (not with the show itself, of course) Jo and I had a really great time. It was Jo’s first time seeing this on stage and she was amazed, lol. Good times.

This kinda turned into another theatre-related post, lol. My bad. More coming soon.
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Good People - Sunday May 1, 2011 [15 May 2011|10:02pm]
In my last review, I saw that Anything Goes was the best show I’ve seen this year so far. That was before I saw this….

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Anything Goes - April 17, 2011 [02 May 2011|07:50pm]
This review is so late.
2 weeks ago I went to see Anything Goes. So far this has been the BEST show I’ve seen this year. That isn’t saying much considering the other shows I saw, but it was definitely a good thing. I really enjoyed it!
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Happy National Neve month! [25 Apr 2011|08:53pm]
This weekend turned out to be great. Saturday I had off and I slept really late. I'm too embarrassed to say what time. Well I wasn’t totally sleeping, I just didn’t want to get out of bed. It’s always a struggle for me to get out of bed when I have nothing to do that day. I had a late lunch and just hung out for an hour or two before getting ready.

Around 6, Jen and I picked up Mike and the three of us went to Pizza and Brew for dinner. It was pretty crowded, but we got right in. Dinner was good. The three of us had a much needed vent session in which we discuss certain people and things to get off our chest. I’m sure we didn’t cover everything though, lol.. but it was good.

Then we dropped off Mike at home so he could go to church that night with his family and was gonna come over again when it was over. Jen and I played rock band in my room for about an hour, but she had some homework to do. In the meantime I just hung around, waiting for Mike to text to say when he’s coming. The mass he was at was actually an Easter Vigil and it ended up being over two hours long. He left early at 10pm when it started at 8pm.. so it was still going on when he left… wtf? I also invited Jo over and she came around 10:30.

We watched the first Scream movie (seeing Scream 4 put us in the mood to watch the other Scream movies and we did so in reverse order.. 4 ~> 3 ~> 2 ~> 1. We also declared April to be National Neve month, in celebration of the return of Neve Campbell to the big screen. We thought about getting a cake to celebrate, but that would be too much. When I was little I was OBSESSED with her and I grew up with the Scream movies). It was fun. I forgot how much I love the Scream movies.

We had Easter at Bea’s house. Lots and lots and lots of food! It was a lot of fun!

Work was a little stressful last week. Someone is out on vacation so things have been a little crazy. And someone got sick. And someone got an attitude and went off on everyone, lol. Good times.
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The People in the Picture - Sunday April 3, 2011 [13 Apr 2011|09:41pm]
Another brief, and late, review.

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Last, last Sunday (4/3) I went to see The People in the Picture. I had bought my ticket back in February when the Roundabout’s $10 tickets for the first couple of previews went on sale. I was most looking forward to see Nicole Parker perform.

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Arcadia - Sunday March 27, 2011 [29 Mar 2011|09:48pm]
I swore to myself I would get back on track and start seeing Broadway shows regularly again. Since the new year began I’ve been REALLY slacking and have only seen 2 shows so far this year. This is #3

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[16 Mar 2011|10:29pm]
I am finally feeling much better. For about a week my throat was hurting. A LOT. At first I brushed it off saying it was just allergies (and really believed that), but by the end of the week it got worse. Saturday and Sunday were brutal. In the mornings waking up my throat would feel so dry it felt like it was on fire. And I had no voice. I would try to speak up, but barely any sound was getting out. It sounded funny. Mucus was in my throat so I had to keep coughing to clear it up (gross, I know).

Monday was a little better. Morning was a little muscuy-y and I was coughing throughout the day, but not as bad as the weekend. I considered going to the doctor after work, but by that time I had felt much better.That night I played rock band but my voice could not handle singing. It hurt so much. I know I’m stupid for even trying and straining my voice like that, but I wanted to. It sounded hilarious.

Tuesday it got better. And today I’m fine. I don’t know if it could’ve been strep throat maybe? But whatever it was, I’m pretty sure it’s gone now and am glad about that.
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[10 Mar 2011|08:53pm]
I got a new car! This is my first car ever in my name. =)

I went last Thursday after work with my mom and Gary to the Honda dealership in New Rochelle. It was a long day at work that day, but I was so excited to finally get out and get there.

We were at the dealership for over 2 hours – yikes. This was due to Gary and my mom being huge talkers. They wouldn’t shut up. By the end of it I was shot and couldn’t wait to get home. But that’s why I asked Gary to come in the first place, because he negotiated with the guy and got him down as low as possible.

Honda was my first choice. I wanted a civic. Two of my uncles just got accords and those are nice too, but they’re way too big for me. However, I reconsidered them after seeing my friend at work’s accord. It’s a coupe and looks much smaller with only two doors. Really nice.

I test drove the accord first. I couldn’t believe how smooth it rode. (I’ve been driving our Dodge neon since I was 16 so obviously anything is gonna be a big difference, but this was REALLY nice). I fell in love with it.

I drove a civic next. It isn’t as smooth as the accord, but it’s still really great. I felt more comfortable in it since is smaller and will be easy to transition to coming from the neon.

Then we went back inside to discuss leasing plans. Our salesman was a nice, handsome Italian guy – my age too (23). He sold the accord to Gary so Gary called him to set up something to get me a car. The first price that the guy said was absolutely ridiculous, but obviously there was room to negotiate. First of all… Gary is brutal. He heckled the guy so much I actually started to feel sorry for him. We got him down to $175 a month, but after he got back from his boss’s office, his boss suggested $185 a month. And we agreed on $1200 down which came to approx. $1500 down. Overall not bad. I wasn’t gonna pay over $200 per month and even though I have some money saved, I didn’t want to pay that much down. So I was happy with that.

We started walking out of the place but the sales guy told us we had to meet with their financial person first. This was not good. The finance guy told us that they checked my credit score and even though it was good (in the second tier of the four tiers in their ranking), my monthly payments may go up. For instance, if my credit score was worse it could’ve gone up $30/month, and decent scores could still go up $10/month. This worried me a lot because I just thought about and discussed my budget for making the payments at $185/month (also factoring in my $175/month for insurance and figuring on about $100/month for gas). Gary was pissed and told them that we would refuse the deal altogether. And we left.

The next day I got a phone call from the financial guy from Honda. I was at work so I couldn’t answer. He left a message saying that my loan was approved (at $185/month and wouldn’t change) and that I was good to go! I was set to pick up the car on Saturday…

Saturday I had to work and I kept receiving calls and text from the sales guy at Honda and my mom. Apparently there was a problem with my insurance. The salesman was never able to get in touch with our insurance guy so I wouldn’t be able to pick up the car that day. The salesman recommended switching to Geico so he called them to get a quote for me. When I heard how much I would pay for Geico I flipped out and immediately said yes to switching – about $93/month. Compared to $175/month from the other place? Obviously I’m not gonna waste money like my parents do. What a difference. That will save me so much money each month.

After I got out of work Saturday, my mom and I went down to the dealership to sign the final paperwork and pick up the car. I was so excited to sit in MY car for the first time and drive it home. =)
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[28 Feb 2011|09:58pm]
The Oscars were last night and it was fun watching them. It’s been a couple of years where I actually paid attention to the whole thing and actually cared. There was a nice mix of movies, several which I have seen: Inception, Black Swan, The Fighter (my top 3 of the year), The Kids Are All Right, Alice in Wonderland, The Social Network, Salt. Maybe a couple others. So a pretty good amount. And all of these films I wanted to see and were interested in before the awards buzz caught on, I didn’t see them just because they were nominated. I still need to see 127 Hours (which is already waiting for me at the library, officially released tomorrow on dvd, so I’ll watch that this weekend) and The King’s Speech.
I’m very happy for:
• Natalie Portman. I was rooting for her since I saw Black Swan.
• Christian Bale.
• Colin Firth
• The King’s Speech winning Best Picture and that The Social Network didn’t and didn’t sweep the awards.
• Some recognition for Inception (4 awards)

I loved Anne Hathaway and James Franco as the hosts. Nice to see some fresh and exciting faces hosting. Both were adorable and Anne especially looked like she was having a blast.

On Saturday, Nan and Joe came with Tommy’s kids. I played with them at my house for about an hour before we headed to Pizza & Brew to meet up with a bunch of my other relatives for dinner for my parents’ anniversary. It started out as a hot mess, but ended ok I think. Whatever. I’m just glad that’s over.

The Saturday before that, John and I went to see The Fighter – amazing! And then we went to Applebee’s for dinner.

Other than that, the weeks have been really boring. Just work. Hopefully when the weather gets warmer and nicer I can go out and do things during the week more often. I’ve never been more excited for Spring to come. Tomorrow is March 1st already, thank god.
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Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating & Marriage - Sunday February 20, 2011 [24 Feb 2011|09:49pm]
Last Friday Mike texted me and asked if I wanted to see a show. Of course I automatically said yes. So Sunday night we went to see Eve Plumb in Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage.

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The Addams Family - Sunday February 6, 2011 [13 Feb 2011|10:28pm]
Last Sunday I went to the city to see a show. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to see and to be honest there’s not much out now I’m interested in (thank god so many shows are starting soon). I just wanted to see ANYTHING since it’s been way too long since I last saw one – that was Women on the Verge on Dec. 22nd of LAST year – I didn’t see anything in January. =(

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[06 Feb 2011|10:41pm]
Last Wednesday I had my wisdom teeth pulled. All four of them.

I went in to work from 8:30-12:30. My appointment was at 1:30 and I didn’t want to use up too much personal days so I did a half day that day. When I got home, I changed my clothes and my mom took me to the dentist.

When I first sat in the chair I was nervous. They took my blood pressure, hooked me up to the thing, put the IV in me and gave me the anesthesia. Then I was out.

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[26 Jan 2011|08:32pm]
I had my wisdom teeth pulled today. Everything went fine and I feel fine, it's just that the pain killers are making me really nauseas. I fainted before and feel like I'm going to throw up at any minute.
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Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - December 22, 2010 [10 Jan 2011|08:59pm]
On Wednesday Dec. 22nd (I know this is really late) I took Jen to the city to worshipPattiLupone see Women on the Verge of Nervous Breakdown as my Christmas gift to her.

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The holidays are over =( [05 Jan 2011|12:55am]
New Year’s Resolution #1: Update this thing more. And stop being a hot mess and getting so behind on this.

The Holidays:
Christmas Eve I went out to dinner with my family, grandma, Jack and Jo. We went to Pizza&Brew and they actually weren’t too crowded. Afterwards we went back home (minus Jack and Jo) to wait for other people to come. Gary came around 9:30 and started making drinks. Mike, Justin, Cheryl and Jaclyn didn’t come ‘til almost 11. Jen and I exchanged our gifts with Mike and Just. We got them this Family Guy mad-libs book and Glee board game. They got us the newest Scene It game for Xbox. We opened and played 2 rounds of Scene It. LOVE that game!

Later that night Jen gave me her present. A $25 Amazon gift card (which i used already lol) and a Jeopardy game for Wii (which I’m currently obsessed with). My mom got me clothes.

Christmas day we went to Aunt Linda’s house around 2. It was the same crew that was at Thanksgiving minus two people plus about 4 more people. Originally Johnny wanted to make prime rib for the main course, but Linda just wanted to do something easy, so we had Chicken parm and shrimp parm (which was still AMAZING). So the prime rib Johnny’s saving for another night.

The day after Christmas I did nothing, but I didn’t care. I didn’t get extremely bored like I normally would. Instead, it felt nice to relax since it was the first day of my vacation to just do nothing.

Monday it snowed. A LOT. My boss let us know the night before that we’d be opening at 10am instead of 9am Monday morning, so we had to be in at 9:30. Then that morning, we got another message saying to be in at 10 for a 10:30 opening so yay, more sleep! My dad drove my mom to work that morning, so by the time I was even up, the driveway was already clear and the car was good to go. The main roads weren’t too bad. There’s a slight shortcut I take to avoid some stop lights, but when I started going that way I saw that one of the little roads wasn’t plowed at all and someone was stuck. So I had to go all the way around and go the “long” way, but other than that it was fine. My street is still a mess because there are piles of snow and only certain openings for cars to park on. But like I said, the main roads are good.

I actually didn’t mind going into work on Monday because:
1) I got presents/cards/money/candy that I didn’t get the week before since I was on vacation. So that was something to look forward to.
2) We opened at 10:30 and then a little later got notified that we could close at 3. We got a bunch of last minute customers and that was stressful, but hey, we were done by 3:45. So that’s pretty much a 5 hour day, 4 hours if you don’t count our lunch hour. And it was such a slow and easy day (aside from the hectic last minute-ers).
3) We found out a day or two later that because we made it into work, we’ll be given an extra personal day to take in 2011. Sweet. I’ll take it!

The rest of the week was pretty normal.

Aunt Rose died. She was 96. =(

New Year’s Eve ~ I had to work during the day and I was on the early shift, so I took a nap after work ‘cause I knew I’d be so tired.

Around 7 we went over to Gary’s. We started off with appetizers – chips/pretzels/dip, a cheese/pepperoni/cracker platter, mozzarella sticks, etc. A wedge. And then raviolis and meatballs. And then of course cake for Jackie’s birthday and dessert.

I couldn’t wait for Jackie to open her presents because I knew she was getting the Glee karaoke revolution game for Wii. Her parents told me they got it for her before Thanksgiving. At first I thought they just got it for the hell of it (not for a gift) so I was waiting for them to call us over to play, lmao. Then they said it was a Christmas gift for Jaclyn so I waited ‘til Christmas. Then they said it was for her birthday so I had to wait a whole week longer. THEN when she did open her presents New Years Eve, it wasn’t there. Gary said they were gonna give her their gifts tomorrow. Me and Mike were like NOOO. ONE gift tonight! LOL. So they gave it to her. And we opened it and played.

So much fun. I was excited for this game, but after reading some reviews on amazon, I was worried that it wouldn’t be that good. For one, it’s not really karaoke. You still hear the singers’ voice and there’s no way to change that (yet again, you can’t do that with band hero and we have a lot of fun with that). Secondly, there are no challenges really. Well you can change the difficultly level on the song, but you don’t have to unlock the game. And I would probably never buy the game for myself because why would you pay $60 for 30 (non-)karaoke Glee songs when you can just get any Glee karaoke song on youtube for free. However, the game is tons of fun. I probably would never play it by myself, but with a group like us, it’s perfect.

I loved singing every song I did, including “My Life Would Suck Without You” and “Defying Gravity.” Me and Jen scored over a million points doing “Taking Chances” together. But by far, the power songs of the night were Jen and Mike’s “Somebody to Love” and mine and Mike’s “Endless Love.” And next time I wanna see Justin and Jen do “Don’t Stop Believing” and me and Justin do “Defying Gravity.” I can’t wait to play this again. Me and Jen are obsessed (well I was already obsessed before we even got the game, now Jen is too). Everyone is. This Saturday we’re playing.
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Theatre Meme [25 Dec 2010|05:34am]
I'm doing this again because I've seen a LOT of theatre since I last did it!

List the last 10 things you saw at the theatre in order…
1. In the Heights
2. Million Dollar Quartet
3. Avenue Q
4. Rock of Ages
5. A Little Night Music
6. Next to Normal
7. The Phantom of the Opera
8. Time Stands Still
9. The Pee Wee Herman Show
10. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Who was the best performer in number one?

The whole cast was amazing, all were the “best,” but my favorite had to be Janet Dacal as Nina.

Why did you go to see number two?
Because my mom wanted to come to the city with me that day and I knew she’d love it (and she did!).

Can you remember a line/lyric from number three that you liked?

“Just grab your dick and double click for porn, porn, PORN!”

What would you give number four out of ten?

Eh… 2? I was really disappointed in this one.

Was there someone hot in number five?

Leigh Ann Larkin ;-) She rocked that Miller’s Son. Also Catherine Zeta-Jones was stunning in person. And the gentlemen were all handsome, particularly Hunter Ryan Herlicka and Aaron Lazaar.

What was number six about?

In short, it’s about a family dealing with the mother’s mental illness.

Who was your favorite actor in number seven?
I didn’t have a favorite.

What was your favorite bit in number eight?

It’s so hard to choose one thing from the play itself, so I’ll just say Laura Linney and Christina Ricci first coming on stage and seeing Jo’s reaction.

Would you see number nine again?

I so wish this was a longer run and that there were cheaper ticket options ‘cause I would definitely see it again! Funniest thing ever! So much fun.

What was the worst thing about number ten?
I feel bad because I know it definitely was not the greatest show ever, but we had such a good time seeing it and the cast is made up of so much power that I kinda don’t think of it as a bad show. But ok… the songs were not that memorable and the book is cheese.

Which was best?

In the Heights, Next to Normal, Time Stands Still

Which was worst?
Rock of Ages. I really thought I’d like it, but I just did not.

Did any make you cry?
In the Heights – there was an audible emotional… cry let’s say, from me that was pretty loud, lol.
And Next to Normal I held it in and I was :thisclose: to crying to Bernadette’s “Send in the Clowns” in Night Music, but I didn’t.

Did any make you laugh?

All of them, especially Pee Wee!

Which roles would you like to play in any of them?

Vanessa in In the Heights, Natalie in Next to Normal, Kate Monster in Ave Q.

Which one did you have best seats for?
Million Dollar Quartet – front row center =)
Sing out, Louise!

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